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Little did Matt Melvin know that trying to sell a stolen car would trigger a chain of events that would begin with him being tried and convicted of a felony and end with him being bullied and raped in prison.

Bullied Behind Bars: A Gay Christian Trump Supporter Goes to Prison chronicles Melvin's lonely childhood, being misunderstood in large part due to his adult diagnosis of autism and being a gay, Christian Trump supporter, and the events that led him to a stint in federal prison.


This captivating book will appeal to anyone who has served time in prison or who has ever made a mistake and paid too steep a price for it. Bullied Behind Bars reveals the hard truths Melvin learned in prison and how very unfair life can be. But in the end, his time spent incarcerated was not for naught. He learned to take responsibility for his actions and came out of the system a better person. 

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